Keshar Shrestha

Keshar Shrestha is our senior tour leader as well as Staff Manager. He is a well trained in mountaineering field from a different institution of Nepal and USA.  He also serves as a mountain leader instructor Nepal mountaineering association and instructor in Khumbu climbing centre.

He became an outstanding leader with deep knowledge about our country, different languages and western expectation having from his own experience including  Europe and USA.



Happy Customer Reviews

The great trip in Nepal!
Krishna and Keshar are both excellent, knowledgeable guides who have a real concern for the people and the environment. They are organized and attentive to their guest’s needs and desires.  Could not have spent time with more nicer people..…

wish them all the best!

Shane Arnott

It was amazing going to the other side of the world with Fair Step Trekking. Our guide Tashi was incredibly helpful. When my daughter got sick, he carried her through the mountain the whole day. We couldn’t ask for more.


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